I am most known for my appearance in BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’ where I made the final five but was fired, regretfully by Lord Sugar who claimed that I was, ‘the right man with the wrong plan’. Lord Sugar further added that had it been a job, he would have given it to me tomorrow. I am still gutted that I lost but so grateful that I got the opportunity.

In the months that have past since the show, I have been learning more about the world of entrepreneurship, sharing my experiences with schools, universities and companies and importantly translating my 15 years of Sales experience into tools, programmes and principles that can help organisations of all sizes grow.

I broke an Apprentice record for the greatest number of high ticket items ever sold on the programme and the experience helped me realise that Sales, which has always been my strong point, should be the main focus for my own business. So since the show, I have teamed up with amazing partners to set up Prime, which specialises in Sales Training and Recruitment.

The Apprentice has given me a big break for which I am grateful, and I’m keen to give back to others who are looking to grow their business or land their dream job.

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